• 2021-08-07

Axon' 成功研發了D-click快速鎖定連接器,使得Axon' 高可靠性Micro-D系列連接器的品類更加豐富。 D-Click系列連接器配備了快速匹配和鎖定系統,可以在裝配線束時進行更快速的安裝。

Axon' has enlarged their range of highly reliable Micro-D connectors by developing D-Click fast latching connectors. Equipped with an easy-to-use mating and latching system, this range of Micro-D connectors enables a much faster installation during harness integration.

D-Click系列連接器配備了快速鎖定系統,具有無需安裝工具快速匹配鎖定的優點。 尤其適用于有空間限制的應用,省時且可靠性高。目前該系列連接器已經通過歐洲航天局ESCC3401/091的標準認證并且應用在超級星座衛星中。

The Micro-D D-Click range are equipped with a quick locking system that requires no tools. The advantage is clear: connect with one click. This range is particularly suitable for confined spaces. Time saving for integration and reliability are the key words of these connectors.

This range have passed ESCC3401/091 standard certified by ESA and have been used in super constellation satellites.

D-Click 系統如何工作?— 快速連接/斷開
How does the D-Click system work?A very quick connection / disconnection


- Latch-posts on one connector serve as guide pins into the shell of the mating connector, on which two latch springs then trap the waisted latch-posts for a very fast and reliable connection.


- Just squeeze the D-Click latch springs together to disconnect.

為什么選擇快速鎖定 D-Click連接器?


 No hardware and no tooling required for the connection: timesaving solution for harness integration.

標準Micro-D連接器到 D-Click連接器的無縫替換: PCB板的布局或安裝面板的開孔都無需變更;

 Very easy to move from standard Micro-D technology to D-Click connectors: no mechanical changes required to either the PCB layout or to the equipment panel cut-outs.

D-Click 快速鎖定系統可以使那些受空間限制很難使用安裝工具的系統更便捷地應用Micro-D連接器。

 The D-Click latching system can make it easier to use Micro-D technology in systems where gaining access with tools could be difficult.


These low-insertion-force connectors equipped with Twist Pin contacts meet all the standard performance requirements of MIL-DTL-83513.


The D-Click latching system has been tested according to an ESA-based qualification test plan and is particularly specified by integrators of satellite mega-constellations, for example, where integration time is of the essence.

除了標準的 D-Click連接器和組件,Axon' 還能夠根據客戶的需求開發定制解決方案。這種高水平的垂直集成使Axon' 能夠提供完整的解決方案,滿足航空、航天、軍事、工業和海洋作業的需求。

In addition to the standard range of D-Click connectors and assemblies, Axon' is able to develop custom solutions tailored to your needs. This high level of vertical integration enables Axon' to offer complete solutions which meet the demanding requirements of the aeronautics, space, military, industrial and off-shore market.