• 2021-08-20

Axon' 已經更新《低煙無鹵電纜》產品手冊,增加Poliax-HT的內容,Poliax-HT是一種能夠抵抗150℃高溫的新型絕緣材料。Poliax-HT絕緣材料豐富了Axon' 的低煙無鹵系列產品線,其中已經包括可承受高達250℃高溫的電纜。

Axon' has updated the brochure dedicated to Low smoke halogen free cables by adding Poliax-HT, a new insulation material able to resist temperatures up to 150°C. Poliax-HT solution extends Axon' offer, which already includes cables that can withstand temperatures up to 250°C.

此次更新還增加了關于認證測試的參數,以及新的技術數據。充分展現了Axon' 在適用于惡劣環境的無鹵素電纜方面的專業知識。

Additional information about qualification tests as well as new technical data illustrate Axon' expertise in halogen free cables for harsh environments.



In public places, buildings, trains, subways, ships as well as industrial facilities, electrical cables have to work whilst maintaining a high level of security of people and material.In case of fire, the electrical cables shall not cause the fire or spread it. They shall not emit impenetrable, toxic or corrosive fumes that could damage equipment or harm people.

Axon' 低煙防火電纜的設計滿足以下要求:

Axon' low smoke and fire cables have been designed to meet the following requirements :


Non-propagation of flame and fire;


Low or no emission of fumes to allow the rescue team to work without visibility problems;


No emission of toxic fumes to assure the security of the people detained in the premises affected by the fire;


No emission of corrosive fumes to save equipment and buildings not affected by the fire;


Safe and Tough

低煙無鹵電纜的設計目的是在封閉空間發生火災時避免火勢蔓延和有毒煙霧的排放。目前市場上有許多解決方案,但Axon' 的電纜在滿足無鹵特性的同時兼具優良的耐化學性和耐輻射等特性。


Low smoke halogen free cables have been designed to avoid propagation of fire and emission of toxic fumes in case of fire in enclosed spaces. Many solutions exist on the market but Axon' combine halogen-free properties with a very good resistance to chemicals or radiation for example.

根據絕緣材料的不同,Axon' 的低煙無鹵電纜可以承受高達 250℃的高溫,同時保持優良的電氣性能。Axon' 的專業還體現在可以根據客戶的具體應用,選擇合適的材料優化電纜的設計。

Depending on the insulating material, they are designed to resist up 250°C while maintaining very good electrical performance. Axon' expertise also consists in selecting the appropriate materials and optimizing the design of the cable to customer’s application.


Proven Quality

Axon' 提供的無鹵素解決方案已經通過第三方獨立實驗室的評估,符合國際和法國標準要求的安全性和性能。測試包括鹵素含量(IEC 60754-1)、低毒性排放(IEC 60754-2, NF X 70-100)和煙霧密度(IEC 61034-2, NF X 10-702, NF F16-101)。

The halogen-free solutions offered by Axon' have been evaluated by independent laboratories to ensure safety and performance according to international and French standards. The tests include halogen content (IEC 60754-1) low toxicity of emissions (IEC 60754-2, NF X 70-100), and smoke density (IEC 61034-2, NF X 10-702, NF F16-101).