Axon'為最新一代Q頻段(45 GHz)衛星設計的電纜組件通過歐洲航天局認證

  • 2021-08-27
Axon' 提供一系列高達45 GHz射頻電纜組件,并且該系列射頻電纜組件已經通過歐洲航天局的ESCC3408/003 認證,進入合格產品清單。這些電纜組件具有卓越的電氣特性,簡而言之,是在Q頻段(45 GHz)運行的通訊衛星天線的理想解決方案。


Axon' provides a range of RF cable assemblies up to 45 GHz which has been QPL qualified by ESA according to the ESCC3408/003 specification. These cable assemblies achieve excellent electrical characteristics. In short, this is an ideal solution for antennae designed for telecommunication satellites operating in the Q band (45 GHz).


A development in partnership with CNES

在法國航天局CNES的支持下,Axon' 完成了這一系列微波同軸電纜組件的研發。對材料的特定選擇使Axon' 同軸電纜組件成為市場上最輕的電纜。

The development of this range of microwave coaxial assemblies has been fully achieved by Axon' with the support of the French Space Agency CNES.  The choice of materials makes it the lightest cable on the market. 

該射頻電纜組件采用3.4 mm直徑的同軸電纜,并選用了swept 90°彎頭或直頭SMA連接器,具有高耐輻照性(> 300 Mrad)。并且該電纜組件電器性能非常出色,駐波比<1.25,同時在45GHz時插入損耗為3.0 db/m。

Made with a 3.4 mm diameter coaxial cable and terminated with swept or straight SMA connectors, this RF assembly is highly resistant to radiation (> 300 Mrad). Electrical performance in terms of VSWR (<1.25) and insertion losses (3.0 db/m at 45 GHz) achieved by this cable assembly are remarkable.


A large range of microwave coaxial assemblies


為了能應用于地面或機載雷達,航空電子或者軍事應用,Axon' 已開發了一系列的微波電纜。Axon' 的工程師專注于根據客戶需求的特定頻率優化同軸電纜組件產品。

Suitable for either ground-based or on-board radar, for avionic or military applications, Axon' has developed an extensive range of microwave cables.  The company's engineers are focused on optimizing the assemblies for the customer’s specific frequency.


Long-term flight heritage


自90年代初以來,Axon' 一直為阿麗亞娜(Ariane)5型火箭發射器提供數據傳輸線束,并參與了世界范圍內大量的太空項目:包括蓋亞(Gaia)在內的科學衛星、Proba-V或Sentinel在內的地球觀測衛星,以及美國宇航局火星漫游者“好奇號”等等。

Axon' has been providing data transmission harnesses for the Ariane 5 launcher since the early 90’s, and is involved in an impressive number of space projects worldwide.  Scientific satellites including Gaia, earth observation satellites including Proba-V or Sentinel, not to mention Curiosity, NASA’s iconic Martian Rover, and the list goes on. 

Axon' 還為羅莎琳德·富蘭克林漫游者號(Rosalind Franklin Rover)進行了所有主要的布線工作,為歐洲航天局(ESA)和俄羅斯航天局(Roscosmos)前往火星的探測任務做好準備。

Axon' has also carried out all the main cabling on the Rosalind Franklin Rover –  ready for the forthcoming ESA/Roscosmos mission to the red planet.