• 2021-09-18


其中原子氧(ATOX)腐蝕會對運行高度低于1000km的航天器的外部造成非常嚴重的損壞。為了應對太空的惡劣環境,Axon' 研發了一種“新型武器”——RadatoxTM,可以大大增強連接方案對惡劣環境的抗性。


The space environment contains multiple risks including radiation, ultraviolet radiation, and impacts from orbital debris, micrometeoroids, and particularly atomic oxygen (ATOX). These space threats are real, mainly for satellites and the International Space Station in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).  Among them, atomic oxygen (ATOX) corrosion can cause severe damage spacecraft exteriors orbiting at less than 1000 km altitude. In order to face the threat, Axon' has developed a “weapon” which makes interconnect links highly resistant: RadatoxTM.


100 times more resistant!

RadatoxTM 是由 Axon' 研發設計的一款絕緣材料,它能使電氣互連的抗性比使用 FEP、PTFE 等含氟聚合物材料絕緣的電線高 10 倍。

此外,RadatoxTM對原子氧的耐受性比 Kapton®等聚酰亞胺材料高 100 倍!這種材料有助于延長在太空惡劣環境下執行長期任務的航天器和衛星的預期壽命。

Designed by Axon' engineers, RadatoxTM is an insulating material which makes electrical interconnects 10 times more resistant than wires insulated with fluoro-polymer materials like FEP, PTFE.  Moreover, RadatoxTM is 100 times more resistant to atomic oxygen than polyimide materials such as Kapton®! This material contributes to improve the life expectancy of long-term space missions in the some of the harshest environments.



Flexible and lightweight

RadatoxTM絕緣材料的抗輻照性能特別出色。標稱抗輻照200 Mrad的 RadatoxTM 絕緣電線的柔韌性是同級別聚酰亞胺絕緣電線的2倍,因此在空間受限的區域布線更容易。

RadatoxTM在宇航應用的另一個主要優勢是節省重量。RadatoxTM絕緣電線的重量是 FEP、PFA 或 PTFE 絕緣電線重量的1/2。錦上添花的是:RadatoxTM絕緣材料的所有性能都已經過公認的獨立實驗室的測試,包括歐洲航天局在 ESTEC 的專業 ATOX 實驗室。

The radiation resistance of RadatoxTM is particularly remarkable because RadatoxTM wires rated to better than 200 Mrad are twice as flexible as polyimide insulated wires, making the cabling easier in space-restricted areas.  Another major advantage for space applications is mass saving. RadatoxTM insulated wires are half the weight of those insulated in FEP, PFA or PTFE. And the icing on the cake: all performances have been tested by recognized and independent laboratories including the European Space Agency’s specialized ATOX lab at ESTEC.


A real threat

在太空環境中,太陽輻射有足夠的能量來分解氧分子并產生原子氧 (O)。大量的原子氧存在于 180 km至 650 km的高度,會腐蝕和損壞材料,包括許多聚合物、甚至某些金屬,如銀。 

位于航天器外部的多層絕緣毯(MLI)、太陽能電池板以及電線和電纜都很容易受到影響。原子氧(ATOX )腐蝕會導致航天器組件的使用壽命縮短,從而也縮減了航空任務執行的時間。因此,原子氧防護是航天工業面臨的一項關鍵挑戰。

In space, solar radiation has enough energy to break apart oxygen (O2) molecules and create atomic oxygen (O).  This very abundant particle, particularly present at altitudes from 180 km to 650 km, erodes and damages materials including many polymers and even certain metals such as silver.   Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) blankets, solar panels and wires and cables located on spacecraft exteriors are all susceptible.  ATOX erosion limits the service life of the components and therefore of the mission.  Protection against atomic oxygen is, therefore, a key challenge for the space industry.


 Space heritage

使用 RadatoxTM 絕緣材料的電線和電纜是節省質量和低軌道衛星或受原子氧影響的衛星的理想解決方案。Axon' 還提供符合 ESA ESCC3901/018 和 ESCC3901/024標準的電線。雖然它們對原子氧的抵抗力較低,但足以滿足位于最高軌道或較短任務的要求。

 Axon' 已經有20多年深度參與太空項目的經驗,一直致力于設計制造專門應用于最惡劣環境的電線、電纜和互連組件。


Wires and cables insulated with RadatoxTM are an ideal solution in terms of mass saving and for satellites in low orbit and/or with long-term missions for which the ATOX impact is extreme.  But Axon' also offers wires qualified according to ESA standards including ESCC3901/018 and ESCC3901/024 with a lower resistance to ATOX but sufficient for missions located in the highest orbits or for shorter missions. Heavily involved in the space industry for over 20 years, the company has been manufacturing wires, cables and interconnects designed for the harshest environments.