• 2021-11-08

空中戰斗機用的輕型微型連接器、高數據速率鏈路、可靠的數據傳輸網絡以及裝甲車輛用的電力電纜,這些都是Axon' 可以為陸地或空中應用提供的互連解決方案的一些例子。

Lightweight miniature connectors for air fighters, high data rate links, reliable data transmission networks, and power cables for armoured vehicles, these are some examples of interconnect solutions that Axon' can provide for land or air applications.



Robustness and electromagnetic protection

Axon' 的電纜都設計了可靠且堅固的互連。從電纜到連接器和電纜組件,Axon' 將提供最合適的EMC解決方案。Axon' 還開發了Flexforce柔性電力電纜,設計用于要求高電流和高靈活性的應用。

Axon' Cable designs reliable and rugged interconnects. From the cable to the connector and the cable assembly, Axon' will offer the most appropriate EMC solution. Axon' has also developed Flexforce® flexible power cables designed for applications requiring high currents and high flexibility . 



Weight saving and miniaturization

重量減輕、小型化、電氣性能和機械彈性,這些都是軸突電纜設計的布線解決方案所面臨的挑戰。從飛行指揮系統到飛機尾部,Axon' 的工程師設計了專門適應客戶需求和生產量的航空電子系統。

Weight saving, miniaturisation, electrical performance and mechanical resilience, these are all challenges met by cabling solutions designed by Axon' Cable. From the flight command system to the aircraft tail, Axon' engineers design avionic systems specifically adapted to the needs and production volumes of its customers. 



Data transmission

對于航天或航空電子應用,Axon' 多年來一直按照MIL-STD-1553標準制造數據傳輸線束。這些可靠的傳輸網絡提供了高度的數據安全性、信號完整性,并且具有節省空間和減輕重量的優勢。

For aerospace or avionics applications, Axon' has been manufacturing data transmission harnesses according to MIL-STD-1553 for many years. These reliable transmission networks provide high data security and signal integrity, and have the advantages of saving space and reducing weight.