Axon'互連方案: 小且可靠

  • 2022-01-11

小型化!是Axon' 集團業務的關鍵主題之一。在電子電器,汽車工業,航空電子,宇航項目以及國防工業等高科技領域,Axon' 將小型化的要求貫徹到從端子,連接器,到線束以及扁平線的設計和生產中。

Miniaturisation! This is the main topics chosen by the Axon' group. Axon' integrates requirements of miniaturisation in the design and manufacture of contacts, connectors, cable assemblies and flat flexible cables destined to high tech applications including electronics, automotive, avionics, space, defense, etc. 



Even smaller connectors

連接器端子插針由10股導體絞合而成,與插孔匹配過程中,凸起部分被壓縮,從而保證針孔端子之間的可靠接觸以及最大接觸面積。麻花針是Axon' 微矩型連接器的(Micro-D)的核心,連接器端子間距1.27mm,是傳統D-Sub連接器的1/2。同時,Axon' 還提端子間距為0.635mm的超微矩型連接器(Nano-D)。這些產品旨在滿足更具挑戰性的環境,包括航空電子、國防、航天或石油勘探領域。

These male Micro-D contacts made up of 10 strands of copper alloy are compressed during insertion into the female contact and therefore a high number of electrical contact points is permanently assured. Twist Pin contacts is the heart of a large range of Micro-D connectors designed and manufactured by Axon' . The spacing between each contact inserted into the connector is 1.27 mm, twice as small as D-Sub connectors. Axon' also offers nano-D connectors with contact spacing of 0.635 mm. These products are designed to meet the most challenging environment including avionics, defense, space or oil exploration.



Strength through unity

微矩型連接器(Micro-D)是Axon'集團提供的眾多連接器中的一種。Axon' Mechatronics 是集團子公司之一,專門從事汽車電子相關領域的沖壓零件、多次注塑成型部件、機電一體化元器件的設計及生產。Axon' 采用的魚眼端子(Pressfit)技術針對相關的連接器和印刷電路板的設計。該技術不需要焊接即可完成端子和PCB的可靠連接。Axon' 利用巧妙的電致伸縮技術制造出平滑的曲面觸點,在機電一體化產品的裝配工藝種具備顯著優勢。

 Micro-D connectors are only a part of the large range of connectors the Axon' group can offer. Axon' Mechatronics specializes in stamping parts, overmoulded components, mechatronics components for electronics and automotive. Axon' uses the Pressfit technology which is particularly suited to the design of connectors and printed circuit boards. This technique allows for integrating contacts without soldering. Axon' uses a clever electrostriction technology to manufacture contacts with smooth and spherical tips, which is a significant advantage for mechatronics projects.