• 2022-01-17

Axon' 中國自2016通過AEO(Authorised Economic Operator)認證,目前已經通過審核成為中國海關進出口系統認可的高級認證企業。該認證簡化了企業相關進出口產品的報關流程,保證了Axon'中國的貨物可以快速通關。同時,也是公司用實際行動踐行Axon'集團在持續提高客戶滿意度方面的承諾。

Axon' China which was already approved as an Authorised Economic Operator(category A) since 2016 has been officially moved to AA category in the China customs import/export system. This status enables Axon' China to receive and send goods more rapidly as customs procedures are simplified. This label illustrates the group commitment in continuously improving customer satisfaction.



Time saving

對于Axon' 中國來說,AEO高級認證企業是一項實實在在的便利條件。Axon' 中國進出口的貨物,可以減免繁瑣的單證材料,做到簡化,快速通關,確保了供應鏈的交付穩定,工廠穩定生產,以保證承諾的貨期,并且降低了通關時間和相關費用。與此同時,海關為認證企業設置了專門的協調專員,針對加工貿易也取消了銀行擔保的要求。在所有相互承認AEO的國家,涉及到我司的清關工作都會相應更加便捷。

Being AEO - AA category – is a real asset for Axon' China. Import or export goods are inspected and released before determining the commodity classification, customs valuation, place or origin or other customs formalities: time and money are saved. Other time-saving factors : the China customs established a coordinator for the company. No need of a bank deposit when a company is engaged in processing trade. Customs clearance is made easier by the customs of countries where AEO is mutually recognized.


Safe and secure business

AEO是基于海關與企業之間的自愿合作伙伴關系。在國際貿易中,AEO高級認證相當于給企業貼上了一個金字招牌,標榜著企業在安全生產,貿易合規,信用保證等各個方面的卓越落實情況。通過高級認證,是對Axon' 中國在質量和安全體系方面的認可,更是公司躋身全球供應鏈企業的優勢體現。

The AEO concept is based on a voluntary Customs-to-Business partnership.  AEO status enables any company which is involved in international trade to obtain a quality label about customs, safety and security processes implemented in the organization.  The AEO status guarantees the recipient that the international supply chain implemented by Axon' is based on a proven Quality and Security-safety system.

除了Axon' 中國之外,Axon' 集團還有另外幾家子公司通過了AEO認證,分別是Axon'法國(總部),Axon' 印度分公司以及Axon' 匈牙利分公司。

In addition to Axon' China, 4 other Axon' companies are AEO certificed : Axon' Cable France, Axon' Interconnectors and Wires PVT and the Dhruv Joint Venture Axon' Interconnect Ltd in India, and Axon' Kábelgyártó Kft in Hungary.