• 2022-03-15


Solve challenging problems

Axon' 憑借著自身在高壓電纜組件方面的多年經驗,能為挑戰性應用提供定制的解決方案,包括海底作業、宇航應用、核聚變與研究、 國防軍工、石油天然氣勘探等。

With many years experience in high voltage cables and assemblies, Axon' is able to offer tailor-made solutions for a range of challenging applications. These include subsea operations, space applications, nuclear fusion and research, aerospace and defense, and oil and gas exploration and more.



High quality materials with outstanding features

Axon' 的互連解決方案采用最高級別的熱塑性材料。之所以選擇這種材料,不僅基于電氣要求,還需要考慮操作環境,包括低釋氣、高低溫、輻照強度、電纜的連續長度、機械強度,以及產品的使用壽命。

Axon’ interconnect solutions are designed from the highest grade thermoplastics. The choice of materials depends not only on electrical requirements, but also on operating and environmental conditions, including low outgassing, cryogenic temperatures, temperatures up to 280°C, radiation with a total ionizing dose up to 70MGy, continuous long length cables, high mechanical resistance, and greater than 25 years of lifetime.



High voltage test capabilities, environments and analysis tools

Axon' 運用專業的測試設備和分析工具,保證產品從前期研發,試樣驗證到批量生產整個過程的可靠性。測試設備類型主要有高壓電源和法拉第籠、AC發電機、高壓便攜式直流電壓電源等等。測試環境包括低壓室、加熱爐、加熱水箱、與客戶規格相關的特定老化條件。

Axon' expertise and test devices include high voltage tests from development through qualification to industrialization. The types of test devices mainly include high voltage  supply & Faraday cage, AC generator, high-voltage portable DC voltage power supplie, and more. Test environment includes low pressure chambers, thermal oven, heated water tanks, and specific ageing conditions related to customer’s specifications.

Axon' 使用局部放電這種分析工具來鑒定高壓互連系統,IEC 60270定義的局部放電是:在高電場強度下,電絕緣系統的局部區域中的局部介電放電。這種現象在許多情況下是絕緣完全擊穿的初步階段。

Axon’ uses partial discharge analysis tools to identify high voltage interconnection systems. Partial discharges, as defined by IEC 60270, are localized dielectric discharges in a partial area of an electrical insulation system under high electrical field intensity. This phenomenon is in many cases the preliminary stage to a complete breakdown of the insulation.