Axon' 醫療產品

  • 2022-03-30


Challenge of Medical market

Axon' 生產的電線、電纜、電纜組件、微導管和扁平電纜旨在滿足醫療市場的嚴苛要求。包括生物相容性,滅菌消毒環境,小型化,產品外觀,電磁兼容,抗菌性能,以及醫患使用的便攜性。

Axon' manufactures wires, cables, cable assemblies, PTFE tubing and flat flexible cables designed to meet severe constraints of the medical markets. Including biocompatibility, sterilization and disinfection environment, miniaturization, product appearance, electromagnetic compatibility (EMI), antibacterial performance, and portability for doctors and patients.


Cable assembly

醫療器械制造商需要同時設計整個系統,使產品適用于消毒環境。從互連鏈路的初始設計開始,Axon' 不僅在選材上,同時在注塑和二次成型工藝中都考慮到了這一要求。為了更便于消毒清潔,Axon' 的醫用電纜和電纜組件均選用滿足生物相容性要求的材料,例如硅膠,或其他熱塑性材料。

The manufacturers of medical devices must design their systems so as to be perfectly sterilisable. Right from the initial design of interconnect links, Axon' takes into account this requirement not only in the choice of materials but also in the techniques of moulding and overmoulding. In order to make the cleaning or sterilization easier, Axon' medical cables and cable assemblies are insulated with biocompatible plastics materials, silicone or thermoplastic elastomers.




作為二次成型技術的專家,Axon' 提供完全密封的電纜組件,以防污染。二次成型和電纜之間的完美粘合在機械上保護組件并保證電纜壽命。

As an expert in overmoulding techniques, Axon' offer cable assemblies perfectly sealed to contaminations. A perfect adherence between the overmoulding and the cable mechanically protects the assembly and guarantees the cable life.

Axon' 開發的Nosofree®抗菌組件系列旨在幫助減少交叉污染。Axon'將銀離子(以其抗菌和抗真菌特性而聞名)添加到用于組件護套和二次成型的聚合物中。

The range of Nosofree® anti-bacterial assemblies developed by Axon' has been developed to help reduce cross-contamination. Axon' adds silver ions, known for their antimicrobial and anti-fungus properties, into the polymers used for the jacketing and the overmoulding of assemblies.




Axon' 制造的超薄PTFE管具有生物相容性和抗菌性,具有超光滑和自動潤滑的表面,可輕松插入手術工具。

Biocompatible and antimicrobial, the ultra thin PTFE tubes made by Axon' have an ultra smooth and auto lubricant surface for an easy insertion of surgical tools.



Miniature wires and cables

為了滿足醫療超聲成像中微型化需求和數據傳輸的可靠性,Axon'開發了微同軸電纜,稱為PICOCOAX®,直徑從0.65 mm到0.20 mm,電容從50到100 pF/m。

To meet both miniaturisation demands and reliability of data transmission in medical ultrasound imaging, Axon' has designed a full range of miniature and flexible miniature cables called PICOCOAX® with diameters from 0.65 mm to 0.20 mm and capacitances from 50 to 100 pF/m.



Flat flexible cable

Axon' 提供扁平柔性電纜,用于醫療顯示設備內,板對板以及板對顯示屏之間的連接。扁平柔性電纜體積小且易于使用,與 ZIF 和 LIF 連接器兼容。

Axon' offers flat flexible cables for board-to-board interconnection and for board to display interconnections for flat displays of medical devices. Small and easy to use, flat flexible cables are compatible with ZIF and LIF connectors.